NCUSIF Equity Ratio Holds Steady; 20% of All CUs CAMEL 3, 4, or 5

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.-NCUA reported that for the eighth straight month, the NCUSIF equity ratio held stable at 1.29% as of May 31. The NCUSIF ending reserve balance stood at $1.2 billion, which included an increase of $4.3 million in reserves for May.

Figures released by the agency show that gross income for May was $19.4 million with expenses of $16.2 million, resulting in net income of $3.2 million. Cumulative net income for the year is $39.5 million. Ten credit unions have failed thus far in 2011 at a cost to the NCUSIF of $39.0 million, NCUA reported.

Other related stats:

• As of May, 377 federally insured credit unions with assets of $40.5 billion and shares of $36.0 billion had CAMEL 4 or 5 designations.

• Some 1,791 CAMEL 3 credit unions had assets of $146.5 billion and shares of $129.8 billion.

• Overall, approximately 20% of all credit union assets were in CAMEL 3, 4 or 5 institutions. The percentage of assets in CAMEL 1 and 2 credit unions has increased slightly in each of the past five months.

• The Stabilization Fund total liabilities and net position stood at $401 million at the end of May, about $7 million higher than the end of April.

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