New Technologies, But An Old Truism

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SAN DIEGO-As credit unions turn to new technology to impact the bottom line, one person suggests not overlooking "the basics."

"There are a lot of new and exciting technologies appearing almost daily," said Symitar Marketing Manager John San Filippo. "A couple clients are using iPads in the field to do things like open new accounts. With all this new technology you can lose sight of the basics of information management. Regardless of all the new things that are out there, credit unions always need to be willing to continually look at existing processes to streamline and automate, and make sure they are getting the most out of what their core system offers."

San Filippo advised credit unions to understand what their current system can do. "It's not that unusual for a client to say they wish their system could do X, Y, and Z. And we respond by telling them they have X, Y, and Z in a release we issued an few years ago."

Symitar issues two significant software releases annually, which is very beneficial for clients but also tasks CUs with knowing what is in the release and how they can best leverage functionality. "You have to know what you have to know how to make the most of it."

The credit union, too, must be able to communicate the core system's capabilities throughout the organization and train users, which San Filippo said is not always accomplished. "The credit union must be willing to act on that knowledge. That means not just IT staff being informed and involved, but the end-user as well. It does not do the credit union any good to have that knowledge sitting in IT if end user can't take advantage of it."

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