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Federation Honors Attorney Neil Stevenson

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.-Neil Stevenson, senior staff attorney for the Lawyers Alliance for New York, was honored by the National Federation of CDCUs for the many hours of compliance work the Alliance has done for community development credit unions.

Helen Godfrey Smith, president of Shreveport FCU, Shreveport, La., and a member of the Federation's board of directors, presented Stevenson with a plaque.


Western Bridge Corporate CEO Shares Insights

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.-Phil Perkins, president and CEO of Western Bridge Corporate FCU, the successor to WesCorp, offered some thoughts since being brought in by NCUA in March 2009 to stabilize the corporate.

"We had to see if members would want to retool, restore and recapitalize," he told the National Federation of CDCUs' meeting here.

According to Perkins, "corporate" is a "bad word for this business," because it "doesn't really say anything. It simply is a credit union for credit unions."

Instead of focusing on differences, natural person credit unions and corporate CUs should be looking at the things that bring them together, he said.

"Credit unions are all in this together, including the insurance fund and the corporate stabilization fund."

Perkins said he salutes CDCUs "for all the wonderful work they do."

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