Older Brother Gets Jail In Dual CUHeists

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SKOWHEGAN, Me. - (02/07/05) -- The eldest of two teenage brotherswho robbed Franklin-Somerset FCU twice last year was sent to prisonFriday for six years. James 'Tony' Wildes, now 19, was convicted ofrobbing the credit union's Madison branch of $15,000 on July 6,then of $30,000 five weeks later, on Aug. 12. He was ordered to pay$15,000 restitution after his lawyer argued he didn't have the restof the money and was in no condition to raise it, especially afterhe goes to prison. Wildes' 16-year-old brother Christopher, whohelped in the dual credit union heists, will be in a juveniledetention center until he reaches the age of 20.

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