Online Fraudsters Go Phishing For CUmembers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - (06/01/05) -- At least five more credit unionshave suffered phishing attacks, three of them university-related.At least 20 members are known to have fallen for the online scam inwhich the University of Kentucky FCU was targeted in e-mails sentto its members. UK FCU said it had been contacted by the 20 memberswho said they had given information to the scammers in response tothe e-mails, which were sent to teachers, administrators andstudents of the university. Those accounts have been blocked. Thecredit union said it was informed by the U.S. Secret Service thatthe e-mails had been traced to an Internet service provider inKorea, where an unidentified Korean company is thought to haveforwarded the e-mails for a customer in a third country. The onlydifference between the UK FCU site and the scam site: there was no"s" on "http" at the beginning to indicate that the site wassecure. Also reporting attacks were University of Louisiana FCU,UNO FCU, New Orleans, and Members 1st FCU, Mechanicsburg,Pa.

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