OnPoint's Television Forays

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PORTLAND, Ore.-Here are some of the scenarios OnPoint Community CU has presented in earlier TV spots:

"The Couch"
Joe sleeps on couch throughout, as voiceover explains that Joe is relaxed because he is a member of OnPoint Community Credit Union. His dog pokes and prods at him several times, until the dog eventually takes a big bite of pretzels from a bowl on the coffee table.

"The Coffee Shop"
Jill is sitting in a coffee shop listening to music from a laptop, singing along. Voiceover says Jill is a music lover who joined OnPoint Community CU a few years back, just by opening a checking account. Since then, OnPoint has helped her save for college, buy her first car and even save for that fancy new computer. "That's what it's all about, really: getting what you need and making the most of what you've got, so you have more time and more money to do whatever it is you love to do. [Jill sings a little louder to a favorite part of the song] So keep singing, Jill, you're a member of OnPoint Community Credit Union."

Voiceover says: "One smart decision, made at the right time, can take you from an apartment to a home, or from the car you have to a new car you love. Once smart decision could make all the difference, because one smart financial decision invariably leads to another. And maybe it all starts with choosing a smarter place to bank. OnPoint Community Credit Union. Real. Smart. Value."

"Furniture Store"
Voiceover says, "Today is a big day for Sasha. She's replacing here hand-me-down college couch with something a bit more her style. Because Sasha knows if it doesn't fit her needs, it's time to make a switch. That's why she's a member of OnPoint Community Credit Union. She left her old bank because it just didn't feel right. Now she's part of something better. And as an OnPoint member, she gets the banking resources she needs to make every dollar go just a little bit farther. Join us, at OnPoint Community Credit Union."

"Coming Home"
Voiceover says, "After six semesters in college, Josh knows a thing or two about laundry. For starters, he knows that he doesn't like to do it, because Josh likes things simple. That's why he made the switch to OnPoint Community Credit Union. OnPoint helped Josh buy a great car, it gave him anytime/anywhere access to his money, and we help him make every dollar go just a little bit further. So the only thing Josh has to worry about is…coming to Mrs. Mom to wash his clothes. Good luck, Josh, from your friends at OnPoint Community Credit Union.

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