Political Loyalties Split NCUABoard

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WASHINGTON - (08/27/04)-- As may be expected, the two membersof the NCUA Board, Republican JoAnne Johnson and Democrat DeborahMatz, display their political affiliations through theircheckbooks. Records filed with the Federal Election Commission,show Johnson, the co-chair of the Bush for President Campaign inIowa in 2000, has made two political contributions over $200 thiscycle, both to the Bush-Cheney campaign, for a total of $2,000.Matz, a protĚgĚ of Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle,has made four donations totaling $4,000 to the election campaign ofthe South Dakota Democrat; a $1,000 contribution to the Kerry forPresident campaign, and a $500 donation to the Dean for Presidentcampaign.

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