re:Member Offers New Collections Software

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New Collections21 software has been released by re:Member Data Services (RDS) that allows credit unions to process collections information more quickly by utilizing XML and TCP/IP communications as a means of exchanging information with the core data processing system, the company said. Prior to the implementation of XML, the software used the ODBC Gateway to communicate with the host system. Another time-saving feature added to Collections21, said the company, is the ability to perform share-to-loan transfers within the collections package. In addition:

* re:Member Data Services (RDS) developer Marcelo Areal was presented with a Key Technical Contributor Award at the Indiana Information Technology Association's (INITA) Million Dollar Awards Banquet. Areal received the award as recognition of his role in the development of the StreamLine member services software for financial institutions.

* re:Member Data Services (RDS) and Wycom Corp., Inc. have signed a partnership agreement to bring secure check signing integration to RDS clients at reduced pricing. According to RDS, under terms of the agreement, Wycom has created a customized software solution compatible with the RDS cuStar core data processing platform. "The Wycom secure check printing system makes money orders, cashiers checks, and standard share withdrawals on demand and eliminates the need for separate check stock for each account," RDS said. "Integration testing with the cuStar core data processing software is complete and the support and sales structures have been created at both RDS and Wycom."

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