Robbers Found By Police On Top of Cash InTrunk

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MODESTO, Calif. - (08/26/05) A robbery of Valley First Credit Unionhere went nothing but wrong for the trio of robbers almost from theoutset. Even before the robbery occurred, credit union staff phonedpolice about suspicious activities prior to two gunmen entering theCU, where they took one of the five employees into the safe toretrieve cash. The men then exited the branch, which is inside astrip mall, and attempted to scale a six-foot wall to reach agetaway car. According to witnesses, one of the robbers had a greatdeal of difficulty getting over the wall. The same witness thenwatched the gunmen climb into the trunk of a gold Buick, whichpolice soon found and began to tail. The robbers were unaware theywere being videotaped by a police helicopter. Police pulled the carover in a convenience store and ordered the driver to throw thekeys out. The driver said she was alone, but police thought it oddthe car was rocking. When police opened the trunk, they found twomen sweating and lying on top of loose cash.

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