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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-Does reading the news in the credit union community often make you want to sound off? Have something to say about the final rule on corporates? Here's your chance to make a point and even blow off a little steam.

Credit Union Journal's blog titled is the perfect opportunity to weigh in on the challenges facing credit unions today. The blog site will pull top news stories in both the financial and general media and is encouraged to comment on the issues of the day. It will include a link to the Journal's daily news at will be moderated by Ron Daly, president/CEO of DigitalMailer in Herndon, Va.

"This will be the credit union community's chance to engage in lively debate and discussion. And like any speakers' platform, CU provides a spot to 'sound off' on various subjects," said CU Journal Publisher Frank J. Diekmann.

According to Daly, the "Newsreel" is a special feature of the new blog. Each day, DigitalMailer, which built and hosts, will use its search engines to drag in CU stories from across the web as they publish in the associated press sites in one newsreel and break daily stories in the second newsreel from CU Journal's site. "We want readers to be able to comment on news as it breaks," Daly said. "Blogs bring people together like no other media can and provide one more channel for credit unions to stay connected to their members. The Journal's decision to encourage honest conversation and 'tell-it-like-it-is' commentary is refreshing, adding a new dimension to our industry."

Daly said that candor-even biting commentary-is welcome; however, posts must be civil. "It's OK to be animated in your posts-even a little bickering is OK. But as we say on the blog, 'we want to make connections, not conniptions. We have good friends and we'd like to make a few more.'"

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