She Who Spends What Isn’t Hers, Pays It Back Or Goes To Stir

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A member of Sioux Falls FCU was charged with felony theft after she spent almost $3,400 the credit union accidentally deposited into her account.

A collection agent for the state’s third-largest credit union incorrectly deposited $3,376.83 into the account of Erin Vandenbosch, 30, on April 16. Then Vandenbosch withdrew $3,000 on April 22, $400 on April 28 and $100 on May 3.

She initially told police she thought the money had been deposited by the father of her child, but later said he'd never put more than $300 in the account before.

She was charged with grand theft of lost or mislaid property.

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