Single Mom Wins Financial Makeover At USECU

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SAN DIEGO - (12/12/05) -- Marry Ann Patty, a single momworking at San Diego State University, was completely overcomefirst thing Friday morning when the president of her credit unionshowed up at her door brandishing a huge paper check for$25,000--representing the winnings in the credit union's secondannual Xtreme Financial Makeover contest. Patty knew she was one ofthe contest winners, but though it was for the lesser $2,500, andnot the grand prize. When Linda Baughman, president and CEO of the$750 million credit union, flipped up the check and told her shehad won $25 grand, she let out a delightful shriek that wascaptured by the local TV stations. The Xtreme Makeover contest,based on the hit TV show Extreme Makeover, is a creative way toteach members financial education and how to manage their finances.For every member who entered the Xtreme Makeover contest, there wassome financial gain, whether it was the $25,000 grand prize, a$2,500 prize awarded six runners-up, or a personalized financial'makeover' or review in which the credit union promised to improveany member's financial picture by $2,500 or more in 25 minutes, orthe member would receive $25. The financial "makeover" reviewincluded a free financial workbook to help members shop and comparecredit union services to banks, credit card companies and otherfinancial institutions.

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