State, National Foundations Agree On Priorities

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The National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) and the State Credit Union Foundation (SCUF) Network said they have agreed to five priorities for 2006:

1. Disaster relief. Plans include creation of a web-based platform to enable state foundations and NCUF to more efficiently raise and channel funds immediately wherever a disaster strikes credit union people.

2. Credit Union Development Education (CUDE) program. Plans are to develop program content and communications supporting new executive-level CUDE workshops to be hosted by leagues.

3. Community Investment Fund (CIF). Connect credit unions' CIF investments to grant programs benefiting credit union members in their states and nationwide.

4. Capacity. Expand capacity of state foundations to help credit unions reach more potential members in their communities and provide needed services to members with low- to moderate-incomes.

5. SCUF Network communications. Establish regular joint communications from NCUF and state foundations to credit union decision-makers.

"With more than $2 million in grant money expected to flow through the Community Investment Fund this year from NCUF to the states," said NCUF Chair Mary Cunningham, "we will make a tremendous impact in the credit union community by working together." Cunningham is president/CEO of USA FCU, San Diego. "We put together these priorities to leverage resources from the national level and focus our activities on the state level," said, RoxAnne Kruger-Monahan, chair of SCUF Network and senior VP-Washington league.

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