Suspect Captured In $250,000 CUHeist

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INDIANAPOLIS - (06/23/06) – A man believed responsible forlast week’s robbery of $250,000 from Forum CU was arrestedThursday afternoon during a traffic top on the city’snortheast side. Police believe William Beeler, 44, is the man whowalked into the credit union just after opening Friday and pointeda semiautomatic handgun at the manager, then forced him to bindanother employee and two adult members and a nine year-old boy withduct tape, before emptying the teller drawers and the vault. Beelerwas linked to the heist after a witness caught part of his licenseplate number getting away. Surveillance cameras also captured avideo of the robber holding a gun and wearing a cap and glasses.Police went to Beeler’s apartment Thursday to arrest him onlyto see him driving away, when they chased him down and pulled himover.

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