Timeline of Events During Mica's Career

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June 6, 1996: Mica, a former five-term congressman from Florida is hired away from the insurance industry. On his first day at CUNA Mica said he was told the association might have trouble making payroll, as the result of ongoing losses related to CUNA Card Services. CUNA Card Services was eventually sold. 

July 30, 1996: Just a month after joining CUNA, a D.C. Court of Appeals rules that the 1934 Federal Credit Union Act does not permit multiple-group FOMs despite NCUA allowing the policy since 1982. CUNA and NAFCU join together to file an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Feb. 25, 1998: During CUNA's GAC, the Supreme Court rules 5-4 against CUs in the FOM lawsuit.

Spring-Summer 1998: Using many of his contacts in Congress, Mica helps CUs line up support for legislation updating the FCU Act provisions on FOM. The bill, HR 1151, squeaks out of committee by one vote, before winning overwhelmingly in the House and Senate. On Aug. 7, 1998, President Clinton signs H.R. 1151, the Credit Union Membership Access Act, into law.

1998-99: Mica leads a significant effort to address both. CUNA rolls out Hike The Hill efforts to keep a regulator CU presence in Washington, along with significantly expanded fundraising for its Credit Union Legislative Action Committee, Project ZIP Code, and the new national brand logo and motto-"America's Credit Unions: Where people are worth more than money."

2000: CUNA backs the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program to help youth become more financially literate.

Sept. 11, 2001: Modeled on the Florida House the Sunshine State keeps in Washington, the Mica leads charge to build Credit Union House on Capitol Hill. On the morning of Sept. 11, Mica and other national and state CU reps were preparing to cut the ribbon when terrorists attacked. Ribbon cutting took place in 2002.

2002: America's Credit Union Museum opens up at the site of the first CU in the country-St. Mary's Bank in Manchester, N.H.

2003: The Hill names Mica to its list of top association lobbyists.

2005: CUNA lobbies in favor of the Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Act, following an eight-year effort in Congress.

2006: ABA asks Congress to delve into potential FOM conflicts related to how NCUA allows CUs to add underserved groups. After years of playing defense, CUNA goes on the offensive, calling for investigation of OTS' support for CU conversions to mutual banks and going head-to-head with banks over a banking regulatory relief bill.

2007: Mica testifies before House Ways & Means Committee hearing that looked into the CU tax exemption. CUNA introduces the "Little Guy," a new iteration of "The Little Man Under The Umbrella"

2008: Having outgrown the Washington Hilton, CUNA moves its GAC to D.C. convention center; Mica becomes CU movement's first "Million Dollar Man" in terms of total compensation.

2009: CUNA falls into red and announces lay-offs and other budget cuts; Mica announces plans to retire.

2010: Just in time for Mica's final GAC, CUNA breaks back into the black; CUNA announces Bill Cheney as Mica's successor.

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