Two CUs With Similiar Slogans Reach Agreement

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A dispute between two credit unions over the use of the "Think Outside The Bank" and "Think Beyond The Bank" slogans has been resolved.

Unity One Federal Credit Union and Digital Federal Credit Union announced they have "amicably" entered into an agreement allowing Digital Federal Credit Union to use the "Think Beyond The Bank" tagline through October 31, 2004.

Under the agreement, Digital Federal Credit Union acknowledged Unity One Federal Credit Union's ownership of the "Think Outside The Bank" slogan, which is currently pending registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Unity One's Greg Barnes said the CU has been using the "Think Outside The Bank" tagline for some time and has registered it with the trademark and patent office, then saw some of Digital's advertising and marketing materials using the similar "Think Beyond The Bank" slogan, and there was some concern about that similarity.

As part of the agreement, Digital has withdrawn its application to trademark the "Think Beyond The Bank" tagline.

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