Visa To Make-Over Cards

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SAN FRANCISCO - (01/04/06) – Visa USA has changed the lookof its signature logo for the first time in three decades. Startingthe new year, the updated brand mark now appears on all newmaterials, including Visa payment cards, merchant decals, marketingmaterials and stadium signage. There is also a new card redesignthat is being rolled out. Among the changes: the dove hologram willmove to the back of the card and be integrated into the magneticstripe, and the three-digit security code, known as the CVV2 code,will be printed on a separate panel next to the signature panel,making it easier for consumers and merchants to read. The cardassociation said that cardholders will also have more space on thefront of the card in order to customize it. Card changes will takeplace over the next three years to five years.

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