Voice2Form Converts Voice ToText

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - (06/14/05) -- Voice2Form LLC, which holds a patentfor a voice recognition system to let people fill out forms forcommercial and government agencies, unveiled a new commercialwebsite integration support for its patented technology. TheVoice2Form system collects applicants' voice entries from anyphone, converts the answers to text and enters the information intoany company database, such as a web server. Customers can phone intheir information and the company can make the informationavailable via a secure log and a password for review, update,modification and submission for processing on the web. Thetechnology provides the caller with a personal identificationnumber, allowing them to call back and complete any application ordocument at any time without having to start over. Voice2Form'sVoice and Speech Mortgage Application works with any Fannie Maecompliant loan origination software.

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