Welcome Home Sculpture At PentagonFCU

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (06/03/05) -- A new sculpture featuring abandonedcombat boots and helmet in front of an American flag, appearing asif a soldier has hurriedly left them behind as he is called home,will now greet service members at Pentagon FCU. The life-like clayscuplture, called 'Welcome Home,' unveiled June 1, was donated tothe military credit union in rememberance of September 11 byHeather McMahan, an artist who lost five friends in the infamousterrorist attacks almost four years ago. McMahan, a single motherof four, donated a similar piece she created to the airport inAustin, Texas, where she lives, as a personal welcome to soldiersreturning from the war on terrorism. When a visiting executive ofPentagon FCU saw the piece in the Texas airport he was moved to askMcMahan to create one for their credit union.

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