Whaadayalookinat? Philadelphia Federal's Latest Creative, Of Course

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Philadelphia Federal Credit Union has rolled out the third phase of an in-your-face marketing campaign aimed at raising its profile. Using radio, billboards and wrapped buses and bus shelters, the latest ads are part of the "BetterThanMyBank" campaign that seeks to drive traffic to the website of the same address.

Messages wrapped around the buses tie into the mode of transportation, including "Hey Philly-Tell Banks Where To Get Off," while another, with arrows pointing at the bus windows, announces, "He Can Join. She Can Join. They Can Join." The campaign was created by the Brownstein Group, Philadelphia.

"We chose to continue the execution of out-of-home campaigns because there is virtually no competition from other financial services," said Karen Eavis, vice president of marketing, PFCU. "Additionally, the language in the ads is intentionally direct and very Philadelphia. We consider it to be very current and it reflects what we deliver to our members: contemporary financial-service solutions in a no-nonsense, honest and direct way."

The outdoor campaign continues to emphasize the difference between PFCU and commercial banks with such messages as "Why Do Banks Give Away Toasters While They Take All Your Bread?" but now include messages about membership eligibility.

Radio ads are similar, beginning with audio of someone slurping last drops of liquid through a straw, before the announer says, "This is the bank sucking money out of your account with ATM fees, service fees, and minimum balance fees," and continues with (background: cash register, coins spilling out all over)...This is what your bank thinks when they see you in their lobby. It ends the spot with (background: huge crowd cheering)...And this is the sound of Philadelphians realizing they don't need banks anymore. That's right-almost anyone in or around Philadelphia can now join PFCU. So instead of handing over your money to a bank's shareholders, you can have your own share of the profits-in the form of fewer fees and better rates. Find out more at BetterThanMyBank.com. And the next sound could be you. (background: raspberry noise). Telling the bank you're joining PFCU.

The campaign is to run through October.

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