Year-End Bonuses

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Ads Tout Bonus Payment

ARNOLD, Mo.-Arsenal Credit has paid a year-end bonus to members of $127,000. The payout was structured so that each member with a checking account received $10; each member with a loan (regardless of whether it was paid off in 2004 or still has a balance) received $10; and members who had both a checking account and a loan relationship received a total of $20. The refund was the first ever paid by the credit union, which ran ads headlined, "We Just Paid Our Members An Extra $127,000! Ever hear of a bank doing that? Neither have we."

Delta Pays Out $8 Million

ATLANTA-Delta Employees CU is paying an extraordinary dividend of more than $8 million to its 165,000 members. The $2.5-billion DECU paid savers a bonus dividend of 10% of 2004 dividends paid, while borrowers received a 5% interest refund on loan interest paid in 2004.

Listerhill Returns $1 Million

SHEFFIELD, Ala.-Listerhill Credit Union is retuning an extra $1 million to its members. "We've had an outstanding year in 2004 and are returning excess earnings to whom they belong-our members," said Leonard Holcombe, CEO of the $295-million LCU.

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