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New Design More 'User-Friendly'

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I like the new look and content for Credit Union Journal. The redesign makes it more "user-friendly," but I also noticed that there seems to be more content integration with the online version. Overall it's just a better product. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Stephen M. Delfin, Executive Director

National Credit Union Foundation

Washington, D.C.

Congratulations On Milestone

Congratulations to everyone at the Credit Union Journal for reaching your ten-year milestone! Just as consumers benefit from competition within the financial services marketplace, the credit union community benefits from having a choice of quality sources for news and information about our business of serving consumers. I enjoyed reading the retrospective highlights and quotes, and can appreciate the work that went into this issue. My compliments also on the new look. Keep up the good work!

Henry Kertman, Director of Public Relations

California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues

Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

New Paper Makes Color Pop

I wanted to take the time to express how I felt about the new "look" of the Credit Union Journal. Having a design and publishing background myself, I wanted to commend all that are involved in the process of putting together such a professionally designed and well-written publication.

A few things that I immediately noticed upon reviewing the first issue are the following:

The new paper used gives a very smooth and warm feeling. The colors pop on the page-beautiful print job. The paper is not too heavy and not too light-feels great on the hand. The ink works very well with this type of paper stock. A very good combination!

I'm glad to see that you have started utilizing high-resolution photographs-nice touch!

The layout is very well-divided. This makes for an extremely easy read. As being someone that doesn't have much time but to pick up and glance at what is going on in the industry, the layout is not intimidating. It's clear, concise and very visually appealing.

The CUJ logo on the first page "pops." It gives great strength on the front page. The color coding of topics makes for a great eye-catching addition to the page. Again, this type of design division is very visually appealing.

The section headers "pop" as well. It's easy to tell what is news, what are views and opinions, special reporting, etc. There's no getting lost in the new design.

As always, the editorial is first rate. It's not cumbersome to read and gets right to the point (I appreciate that).

The side bars are fun to look at and interesting to read. It's just enough to whet an appetite for a quick glance at what's going on.

The CUJ is the first periodical I pick up to read each week. I enjoy a little entertainment with my news and it appears that CUJ has got it down pat. I wanted to convey my professional opinion to everyone involved. I realize that it takes everyone, in every department, to put something together of this magnitude. It looks modern, fresh and fun to read.

Great job to everyone! Your hard work has been noticed by one very satisfied advertiser.

Joey L. Leffel,

Director, Marketing & Communications

Bluepoint Solutions, Inc., San Diego

Top Of 'Must Read' Pile

The new Credit Union Journal showed up in my in basket this morning and what a nice change.

Although I enjoyed the other, more "everyman" version of the Credit Union Journal, this new look is so very fresh and inviting that I put it at the top of my "must read" pile when the mail came. I think your readers and advertisers will all enjoy the change!

Bob Schumacher, President/CEO,

Snohomish County PUD Credit Union

Everett, Wash.


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