Why Bad Hiring Decisions Can Be Devastating To CU

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I could not agree more with Bill Morrow's story regarding defending against Identity Theft. One of our CUSO companies here at MaPS Credit Union in Salem, Oregon, is in the business of protecting credit unions from making bad hiring decisions.

Advanced Reporting has been providing credit unions comprehensive background checks since 1998. We are the only credit union-owned comprehensive background screening company in the country. All of our pre-employment reports include a name and social verification. Ensuring that the applicant's stated name and their social security number match up. In addition to providing all levels of local state and federal criminal background check, sex offender registry searches, drug screening and reference verification services.

Since we are credit union owned we spend a great deal of time working with our credit union clients to ensure they have a Safe Hiring Program. As Mr. Morrow points out, a bad-hiring decision can be devastating to a credit union. Yet many credit unions spend more time deciding on a particular brand of copy machine than they do selecting employees.

David Deckelmann

VP-Operational Subsidiaries

MaPS Service Agency, Salem, Ore.


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