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Warm meals and warm hugs

After a warm meal from one of the three food trucks brought in to the Santa Rosa fire relief center set up by Patelco CU, a victim of the fire gets a hug from a credit union employee.
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Helping members make a plan

Even on International Credit Union Day, NuMark CU’s collections department is busy, as Tammy helps members create a plan to fulfill their financial commitments.
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Quick meting

NuMark CU’s call center representatives have a quick meeting before starting the day helping members on the phone.
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Not a regular day for this CU

It was anything but a typical day in the life for some, as Pleasanton, Calif.-based Patelco CU converted the parking lot of its Santa Rosa, Calif., branch into a fire relief center for victims of the wildfires in the area. The CU passes out family care kits, portable cell phone chargers and more.
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CU at the fire relief center

A child wears a mask to filter the smoke from the Santa Rosa, Calif., fire at the relief center set up by Patelco CU.
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Patelco cares

A victim of the wildfires that decimated parts of Santa Rosa, Calif., is wrapped in a blanket given out at Patelco CU’s Santa Rosa branch.
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Cupcake celebration

Australia's Northern Inland credit union sold cupcakes in the CU’s corporate colors with all proceeds going to a charitable cause selected by each branch (in this case, the Gunnedah branch chose the Cancer Assistance Network).
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The #CUdifference down under

A mother and child pose in front of the #CUdifference banner made by Australia's Northern Inland credit union.
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Helping members

Alexandria, a teller at Joliet, Ill.-based NuMark Credit Union’s New Lenox branch processes a member’s transaction.
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An apple a day...

Kindred CU, Kitchener, Ontario, gave away gala apples at each of its eight branches.
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ICU Day selfie

In Battle Creek, Mich., Kellogg Community CU team member, Trysta, snaps a selfie with long time board member Dan when he stopped by the Dickman Road branch on International Credit Union Day.
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Happy ICU Day and credit union-versary

At MAX CU, Montgomery, Ala., it wasn’t just International Credit Union Day, it was also one employee’s 20th anniversary with the credit union. Sharon Wahl and Scott Lindley mark Wahl’s 20 years of service.
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Mountain West's challenge

The Mountain West Credit Union Association challenged its regional chapters to celebrate International Credit Union Day with a charitable give-back. Participating credit unions supplied breakfast, made donations to various charities, served refreshments, completed a beautification project and/or taugh financial literacy classes. The day of giving resulted in 336 volunteer hours and $11,000 raised for local charities. Chapters and individual credit unions included: Public Service Credit Union of Colorado, Valley of the Sun (Arizona) Chapter, Arizona Central Credit Union, Deer Valley Credit Union (Arizona), Vantage West Credit Union (Arizona), Alhambra Credit Union (Arizona), Blue Federal Credit Union (Colorado and Wyoming), Pima Federal Credit Union (Arizona), Ent Credit Union (Colorado), Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union (Wyoming), AEA Federal Credit Union (Arizona), First Credit Union (Arizona), and staff from the MWCUA Phoenix office.
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It's a treat to be a member

Youth members Trenton and Morgan enjoy the treats being handed out at Kellogg Community CU’s branch in honor of ICU Day.