Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
On Sen. Elizabeth Warren forming an exploratory committee as she considers a presidential run in 2020:

"As bankers, we can all hope she makes the unlikely decision to retire."

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Wells Fargo sign
On Wells Fargo agreeing to pay $575 million to the states for aggressive sales practices and for several cases where customers were overcharged certain fees:

"Did they charge for breathing the air in their lobbies?"

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On an argument that JPMorgan's expansion strategy poses risks to banks of all sizes:

"Ha, I wish that was the largest threat to banks. The largest threat to banks is greed and pride, if bankers can keep that in check they will do just fine regardless of who moves into the neighborhood."

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Another reader weighs in on the idea that JPMorgan's branch growth in new markets could challenge competitors:

"I see a bigger threat to the banking system, only mine is cyber security. With all the massive breaches, isn't it inevitable that one day a banker will wake up only to find that significant deposit accounts have been drained? The only surprise is that it hasn't happened yet."

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mobile payments
On an argument by one academic that allowing customers to access loans and other products online too easily puts them at risk for making bad financial decisions:

"Not rhetorically incorrect but decidedly behind the curve and times. As we tend to say in the Bluegrass State, shutting the barn door is always a good idea but less of one after the horses are out."

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Smokestacks for story on climate change and banks, pollution
On a look at how banks are preparing for climate change:

"An important topic that banks will increasingly have to grapple with over the coming months and years, as investor pressure and, in some places, regulation are starting to pile up! Banks have a huge role to play – both in terms of managing exposure to assets with high climate-related risks, but also in terms of harnessing the opportunities brought about by the low-carbon transition in the green finance space."

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On an argument that the Farm Credit Service should be expanded to help address a shortage of banking services in rural areas:

"As an FLBA employee during the 'crisis' of the 80's, I experienced the good, bad and ugly. Competition is not bad, but competition must be fair -- a level playing field. The tax benefits they enjoy enable them to offer 'lower' rates than our locally owned community bank can offer and allows them to dividend back 'untaxed' profits to owners. Stock based on loan size? Not anymore! Around here, they try to move underperforming loans out. Does this serve the rural community?"

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