Kathy Kraninger
On the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offering consumer refunds in just one of six settlements this year:

"I am not a fan of the CFPB, but at the end of the day the primary goal of this entity should be to 1) prevent harm to consumers and, 2) make them whole when they are harmed. An excuse that a company cannot identify to whom it 'crammed' unwanted products should be required to make restitution to everyone who "might" have been affected. That might go a long way towards goal #1."

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A marijuana leaf is displayed at a grow facility in Winnipeg, Canada.
On a look at competing pot banking proposals and what they would mean for different parts of the financial services industry:

"I REALLY hate to say this, but Warren's bill makes a lot more sense - it is federal Controlled Substances Law that creates the problem and amending it is the clean and logical solution. Prohibiting the regulators from adverse action is only addressing half the problem."

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On the potential impact of JPMorgan's new digital coin offering:

"Good piece and interesting punt by JPM. But the 'if' presented in this article — if every bank in the world will trust one bank — is a big if. Doubt it. So, nice try JPM, but no cigar. Time will tell."

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On a look at how a new accounting standard could change the business of banking:

"It seems likely that long maturity loans (specifically the mortgages held by the GSEs) will have the greatest impact from CECL. And that cost would be borne, ultimately, by homeowners in the form of a higher cost to obtain a 30-year mortgage. That will then result in a dampening or even a weakening of home prices and the trajectory of home prices, as mortgage rates and home prices are strongly correlated. If that is what politicians want, then okay - but CECL seems generally ill-advised."

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FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams
On an argument urging the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to take additional information into account as it reconsiders brokered deposit rules:

"Facts are stubborn things, nearly as stubborn as entrenched attitudes and ideas embedded in a stodgy bureaucracy. It is heartening to see efforts by the new Chairman to move this organization to rethink it's long and stubbornly-held notions about brokered deposits (and many other issues). To restate the self-evident, it's not the deposits, it's what they are used to fund that pose the risk. Repeat that three times and the light should come on."

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On a push by a handful of industry officials to encourage the formation of new mutual banks:

"Why start a mutual when you can start a credit union instead and have your regulator be your cheerleader?"

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