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On Bank of America siding with elderly reverse mortgage borrowers tied to Ditech's bankruptcy:

"The greatest generation knows their house isn't an ATM . . . There isn't a spoonful of sugar large enough to make that medicine go down so stop sugar coating the reverse mortgage situation."

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Federal Reserve
On the big-bank opposition to the Federal Reserve potentially building its own real-time payments system:

"The path to real-time payments for community banks requires the Fed to be an operator, since the large banks have made the ill considered decision to adopt an inferior and relatively insecure solution that actually increases fraud & identity theft!"

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Virtual card
Another reader responds to the Federal Reserve potentially creating a real-time payments system, against the wishes of megabanks:

"One has to wonder with all the political scrutinizing of would be bank competitors, why the DOJ gave an all clear to 25 big banks to together build a new payment system. Innovation in US financial services will continue to lag the rest of the world so long as banks have the exclusive franchise."

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On how the convoluted U.S. federal regulatory system could be streamlined by reducing bank regulators rather than adding a new agency to oversee them all:

"Agreed, the solution is not to add an additional bloated government agency. Additional training and possibly additional staff might be needed but please no more unnecessary government agencies."

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Signage for BB&T and SunTrust banks.
On BB&T and SunTrust announcing a $60 billion Community Reinvestment Act pledge to help consumer groups agree with the merger:

"Another reason for CRA modernization . . . $60 billion in community lending isn't enough for some people."

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. and 2020 presidential candidate, speaks during the National Education Association #StrongPublicSchools Presidential Forum in Houston on July 5, 2019.
On Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren's sweeping plans to reform banking as part of her 2020 campaign trail:

"I’m guessing that all those commentators fretting about anything that might chill the economy were also saying the same thing in 2005 and 2006 when Warren was warning about predatory mortgage lending. Some folks never learn."

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