Robot with safe
On the head of global policy at Kabbage, Sam Taussig, asking Congress to create uniform definitions for AI before regulating it:

"The right to financial services should be universal, since leaving the control to gatekeepers such as the 'Facebook Elite Club of Validators' creates a tool that is much more likely to be successful at economically benefiting those who can afford to be part of The Libra Association, oppressing people, and not doing anything to keep the bad guys out."

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A logo sits on the side of the Facebook pop-up office ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
On whether Facebook swiped a nearly identical logo from another financial firm for its new cryptocurrency unit:

"So many logos look alike — and like the two shown — have zero meaning to a consumer, despite whatever claims the design firm made to the contrary. Obviously, the design firm is to blame for hoodwinking two firms to buy this recycled marketing merchandise. But the hapless clients who signed-off on it deserve blame as well."

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
On Sen. Elizabeth Warren raising a red flag over the Department of Housing and Urban Development's hiring of a former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official with a history of controversial writings:

"As president I should be allowed to appoint those that think like me. Putin can, so can MBS and my favorite dictator in North Korea."

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Mastercard credit cards are arranged for a photograph.
On a report that challenges whether financial institutions and law enforcement are doing enough to stop card fraud:

"Not surprised banks and card schemes push back. Their focus is how to dump fraud costs on unsuspecting merchants instead of addressing the fraud prone nature of their outdated card products. They dismissed PINs in the US for all the wrong reasons and merchants are paying the price for their neglect!"

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On an industry-wide push by the National Credit Union Administration Chairman Rodney Hood encouraging financial institutions and regulators to consider job applicants with criminal records:

"It will be interesting to know how insurance providers, e.g., errors and omissions, D&O liability, will react to this. Seems like the underwriting of those policies would result in higher premiums based on risk."

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On bankers reacting to Facebook's new cryptocurrency pilot, Libra:

"Can someone please explain to me what problem a Facebook sponsored cryptocurrency/stablecoin solves, what value it would add? Just give me real time dollar payments."

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Financial Stability Oversight Council
On an op-ed suggesting the Financial Stability Oversight Council's recent proposal to focus more on risk-based activities could inadvertently create more risk:

"I'm skeptical of anything that comes from NY educators. This is a state with some of the most restrictive and inane laws in the country if not the world."

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