Members of the hacking group Anonymous, having been kicked out of Google Inc.'s new Google+ social networking site, have found a home at a new site: AnonPlus.

The new site was set up by Presstorm, a group affiliated with Anonymous, The Washington Post reported Monday. AnonPlus is not restricted to members of Anonymous, the article said, though right now there is little to draw a crowd – the site has a link to developer forums and promises of new features, and not much else.

The new site's homepage says it will not censor its users.

AnonPlus was formed after the Google+ page for Anonymous was removed, the Post said. The Google+ profiles of several of the group’s members were also removed.

The Post article notes that Google+ requires users to link their accounts to a Google profile using their real name. All profiles will be made public by July 31 "to help people find and connect with you online," Google said on its website.