Our reporting on the Huffington Post's campaign to get consumers to shift deposits to community banks  -- and the consumer psyche it taps into -- continues to draw comment from readers.

One reader who currently banks with Bank of America writes, "I am reluctant to move my accounts for the inconvenience and I think B of A has superior online facilities that make managing my accounts easy. However, I am so turned off by my inability to reach any managers for protesting fees that I consider very unfair that I am likely to turn elsewhere for other bank services in the future."

Another reader, who says she intends to move her money to a credit union, appears to be motivated by a sense of patriotism. "I am not a Huffington fan," she writes. "I am an American.  We have watched carefully while Obama has tried to get us out of the hole we are in. We can see that he can't do it for us. We all need to act, to take personal responsibility."

A third reader, who writes that he and his wife have already closed their account with B of A, "thanks to Arianna's efforts," is frustrated as both a consumer and an investor. "I feel much better for it because B of A has cost me a lot of money with their stock losses and dividend cuts. I can only hope thousands of customers yank their accounts too!"