The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reportedly executed search warrants on the homes of three suspected members of the hacking group Anonymous.

The raids took place Tuesday morning at two homes in Long Island, N.Y., and one in nearby Brooklyn, reported Tuesday. A law enforcement official told that a computer belonging to one of the suspects, Giordani Jordan, was allegedly used to perform a denial-of-service attack.

Such attacks are used to shut down the websites of banks and other companies by overwhelming them with more traffic than the websites are designed to handle. described Anonymous as a group of activists whose recent attacks were inspired by WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks was blocked from receiving payments by several banks and card brands after it published leaked government information.

According to one Twitter feed claiming to be linked to Anonymous, "It doesn't matter how many people the 'FBI' arrest." Anonymous will continue operation even if core members are arrested, the Twitter user said.

Update: Later reports indicate that 16 people were arrested across 10 states.