Slideshow The Banker's Playlist, Part 2

  • September 17 2015, 11:00am EDT
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But, wait, there's more! Here are some additional pop, rock, country & western, folk and jazz songs that mention banking or bankers in the title or lyrics. (And we replay our parental advisory: some of these, er, classics are satirical, some are angry, and some are downright weird.)

<a href="" target="_blank">"Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters"</a> - Elton John

While Mona Lisas and mad hatters
Sons of bankers, sons of lawyers
Turn around and say, "good morning" to the night
For unless they see the sky, but they can't and that is why
They know not if it's dark outside or light

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<a href="" target="_blank">"Banker's Blues"</a> - Rory Gallagher

<a href="" target="_blank">"Jolly Banker"</a> - Billy Bragg and Wilco (written by Woody Guthrie)

<a href="" target="_blank">"No Banker Left Behind"</a> - Ry Cooder

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<a href="" target="_blank">"The Money Song"</a> - Monty Python

Everyone must hanker for the butchness of a banker
It's accountancy that makes the world go 'round
(round round round)

<a href="" target="_blank">"Generation Landslide"</a> - Alice Cooper

Sister's out 'til five doing banker's son's hours
But she owns a Maserati, that's a gift from his father

<a href="" target="_blank">"Forever Now"</a> - Psychedelic Furs

A banker in a tired suit is counting in his head
He's standing in your overcoat, he's lying on your bed
President Gas is tap dancing for the banker, he's a thief
He isn't very honest but he's obvious at least

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<a href="" target="_blank">"Sweet Jane"</a> - Velvet Underground

Jack he is a banker
Jane she is a clerk

<a href="" target="_blank">"Funky Ceili"</a> - Black 47

Bridie was teachin' out in Carysfort
I was workin' in the bank
2 paychecks every Friday
And a Morris Minor out the back
But I was mad for jigs and reels
And drinkin' dirty big pints of stout
When the Bank of Ireland gave me the boot
They said "Don't let the door hit your [backside] on the way out."

<a href="" target="_blank">"The Flex and the Buff Result"</a> - Lifter Puller

Well the chainsmoker
He called the stockbroker
He said hell, I hate to sell,
We've been doin' really well
But I need a little liquidity
You know I think they might be onto me …

Dwight was pretty nice when he took out that loan from us
Now Dwight don't got the courtesy to pick up the phone for us

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<a href="" target="_blank">"Do a Runner"</a> - The Business

See your bank it's got plenty of dough
Get credit high and repayments low
Go and buy all the things that you needed
And who gives a damn if the limit's exceeded

<a href="" target="_blank">"Bob Dylan's 115th Dream"</a> - Bob Dylan

"Now, I didn't mean to be nosy
But I went into a bank
To get some bail for Arab
And all the boys back in the tank
They asked me for some collateral
And I pulled down my pants
They threw me in the alley
When up comes this girl from France"