State Street's Fearless Girl statue is a call to arms

Fearless Girl is controversial, stirring up both passionate fans and harsh critics. But State Street's chief marketing officer, Hannah Grove, could not be happier about the impact it is having. The statue of a little girl, hands on hips, defiantly staring down Wall Street's famed Charging Bull statue is fueling conversation about getting more women on boards, just as intended.

CREW: I do Hannah, take two.

GROVE: In March, right before International Women's Day,State Street Global Advisors, our asset management firm, put forth a platform around greater stewardship and governance across the boards of the companies that it invests in and there was a particular call around that to increase the representation of women on boards. Quantitative and qualitative evidence shows that companies that have women on boards ultimately perform better. On International Women's Day, we placed on Wall Street, a statue of a fearless girl, and fearless girl is represented of that call for greater gender diversity also to mark the one-year anniversary of our first gender-based ETF she. Fearless girl is really a representation of that platform and really a call to arms for greater gender diversity on boards.