Digital self-service: Increase productivity & empower your customers

60 Minutes
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2020 has been a reactionary year to say the least. Banks have had to pivot to digital years ahead of schedule while also dealing with remote staff and increased call volumes.

This has led to a direct impact on the customer experience as a recent survey found that 33% of callers waited more than 30 minutes on hold with 5% waiting more than two hours. It went on to say that 72% of callers ended the call while still waiting to speak with someone.1 As consumers become frustrated at the long hold times and constant transfer between agents, the contact center employees are increasingly overwhelmed with the volume resulting in a decline in productivity. As a result, this becomes a continuous circle of one impacting the other.

So, how do you stop the cycle? How do you empower your customers while improving productivity amongst your contact center employees?

We invite you to join our guest speakers Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst for Forrester and Neal Keene, Field CTO of Smart Communications, as we discuss the issues in the current marketplace and how financial institutions are pivoting to digital and self-service as channels of communication for consumers and merchants continue to flood.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Empower your customers to self-serve
  • Improve employee productivity through automation and AI
  • Create consistency with agents and messaging across all channels while maintaining compliance
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty through personalized communications

1: IPC, 2020

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  • Michael Sisk
    Contributing Editor
    American Banker
  • Neal Keene
    Neal Keene
    Field CTO
    Smart Communications
  • Alyson Clarke
    Alyson Clarke
    Principal Analyst