Lenders have traditionally viewed machine-learning as a cost-savings play. At a time when many financial institutions are starved for growth, AI underwriting tools can help you approve more creditworthy borrowers and avoid risky applicants -- potentially driving billions of dollars in new revenue. The key is deploying AI-driven underwriting in a safe and responsible way. That means being able to provide your compliance teams and regulators with a clear explanation of how your model works.

Join ZestFinance CEO and former CIO of Google, Douglas Merrill, to learn about using explainable machine learning in credit and the importance of having a robust, automated model risk management toolset to ensure compliance.

Among the topics Douglas will cover:

  • Identifying better borrowers: How machine learning can drive increased profitability in underwriting
  • Improving explainability: How powerful new machine learning techniques are making it possible for you to understand your model’s results -- and explain them to your regulators
  • Automating your business: The four things that every executive deploying AI should know

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor American Banker
Douglas Merrill
CEO, ZestFinance