Spending, saving and social distancing: How to grow financial services business now

60 Minutes
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From the novel coronavirus, to protests around the country and the worst American job market since the depression, consumers are being beaten by a continual parade of uncertainty and surprise. How can a financial services institution keep up – let alone thrive – when consumers’ anxiety levels swing daily?

Resonate has been monitoring AI-driven consumer insights while managing the nation’s largest in-market consumer study to reveal the pulse of American financial consumers in real time, while uncovering audiences and markets that present actionable growth opportunities amid a sea of headwinds.

Join Resonate data science experts Ericka McCoy, CMO and Financial Services vertical experts Steve Touhill and Shiva Sharif for a webinar that will share key insights that financial services brands can operationalize right now to boost their competitiveness in uncertain times. You’ll learn:

· How is the credit card market undergoing change from the consumer up? What behavioral trends will drive continued disruption in this market moving into 2021?

· How AI-driven consumer insights can mitigate the growing risk of liquidity crises for banks.

· How to understand your customers' preferred engagement channel and optimize accordingly.

· How shifting consumer values over time – especially now – are driving changes in behavior and the financial services industry – and how to manage them.