Penny Crosman

Editor in Chief

Penny Crosman is Editor in Chief of Bank Technology News and Technology Editorof American Banker. She has had senior editorial roles at Bank Systems & Technology, Wall Street & Technology, Intelligent Enterprise and Network Magazine, among other titles.

Recent Stories From this Author

'One Man's Creepy Is Another's Targeted': Data-Privacy Gray Areas
October 21, 2014 Banks are bound to confront knotty privacy questions as they strive to make smarter use of customer data and experiment with...

How This Mutual Fund Giant Stays a Step Ahead of Cyber Crooks
October 16, 2014 Ken Pfeil, the chief information security officer for the Pioneer companies, shares the security measures he's taken to keep...

Why Didn't IM Compliance Tools Save Banks from Scandal?
October 10, 2014 The major instant messaging and chat room providers, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Markit and Perzo, all support...

Big Banks Still Say 'No' to Cloud
October 8, 2014 Despite the many advantages of the public cloud, big banks remain leery of putting data there.

How Not to Handle a Data Breach
October 7, 2014 There's almost no good way of tell a bank customer that her personal data's been stolen. But some banks do a particularly bad...

A Banker Who Aims to Balance 'Margin and Mission'
October 7, 2014 Dominik Mjartan, the new head of a bank-affiliated community development financial institution in Arkansas, identifies with...

Big Banks Seek Control of Instant Messaging in an Insecure World
October 3, 2014 Following revelations of traders' chats about Libor-rigging and third parties' screen scraping, a group of banks and...

Corporate Treasurers Hit Speed Bumps in Quest for Faster Banking
October 1, 2014 Large corporations, like consumers, want faster access to their money. But the legacy systems at most banks continue to make...

Citi Launches Windows 8.1 Tablet App for Corporate Clients
September 29, 2014 Citigroup's new CitiDirect BE Tablet app for Windows 8.1 was announced today at Sibos. It looks and feels quite a bit like a...

Cheat Sheet: What Bankers Need to Know About 'Bash' Software Bug
September 26, 2014 The "Bash" bug is more dangerous than Heartbleed, because it exists in a lot more places and can be used to do greater harm....

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