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A preview of the next version of Moven's personal financial management app finds a new direction — helping people understand the trade-offs they make between short-term and long-term financial goals.

Mobile could become the one-stop shop that banking companies never quite achieved, blending basic banking, wealth management, and other services, if efforts like those underway at Citigroup's fintech unit succeed.

Construction loans are a big source of interest income for community banks but also carry a lot of risk. A few fintech firms say their platforms can reduce the risk and improve the lending process.

Citizens Bank is the latest to partner with a robo-adviser, but it plans to quickly make the digital investment advice its own.

As bitcoin's spotlight fades and banks work to adapt its underlying blockchain technology for more traditional uses, it seemed that the world was ready to move on from the infamous cryptocurrency. And then Donald Trump was elected president of the U.S.

Several non-U.S. core systems providers are trying to make American banks their clients, but they still face challenges penetrating an entrenched marketplace.

Financial industry groups have rolled out a plan for keeping bank customers' data safe if a mega-disaster, like a massive attack or a natural disaster, strikes.

JPMorgan Chase seeks to reshape its business through technology, but there is a natural gap between the megabank and Silicon Valley startups. Larry Feinsmith's job is to bring the two together.
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While the IRS has targeted banks with broad "John Doe" summonses, it does not typically ask financial institutions to turn over information on all of their accountholders, as the agency wants Coinbase, a bitcoin exchange, to do.

Belmont Savings in Massachusetts isn't trying to fire or replace its employees who work the phones pursuing sales leads, but it has made some technological investments to get more out of them.
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Cross River Bank, which processes payments and funds loans for fintech startups, says that if such firms got a federal charter, it could help them another way: teaching them compliance.  read more »
8 Things Apple Pay Left Out

Apple's long-anticipated move into mobile payments seemed to cover all the bases -- Apple Pay will launch with the support of major banks, card networks and retailers. But there were several things that didn't make it into the first version of its mobile wallet.

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