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For more than a decade, U.S. regulators have been advising bankers to know more about their customers than who they are. In the next five years that may become the global norm as technology allows more granular transaction monitoring.


TD Bank's efforts to be responsive and natural on Twitter and Facebook have earned it a top ranking among its peers.

The McLean, Va., credit card lender is offering steep discounts to Uber riders, even though the promotion stands to hurt some of the bank's commercial borrowers.
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Cybercriminals' distributed denial of service exploits are getting more targeted and sophisticated.

The ubiquitous coffee chain is making new inroads with its mobile payments app, and its success underscores how nonbanks can outdo banks at their own game and should be watched closely by banking industry participants.

Millions of dollars spent on software upgrades are worth the hit to short-term profits, executives at the Buffalo bank said, because it will be able to run deeper credit profiles of borrowers.

House lawmakers approved two bills this week to foster greater information sharing between the private sector and government about cyber threats — and all eyes now turn to the Senate to see if legislation can finally be enacted.

The San Francisco bank has added three more young technology firms to its accelerator program, which is aimed at adapting products from outside the financial services world for creative uses in banking.

Global Debt Registry, which has created a central repository for consumer debt, has inked a marketing deal with TransUnion and may extend its reach to payday loans.

Customers are dodging deposit fees by hanging onto their extra cash and using apps to more frequently check their balances, denying banks crucial noninterest income.
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As branch transactions continue to decline, banks are increasingly requiring expertise in an area they paid less attention to in the past: digital design. BBVA and Capital One's recent purchases of user-experience and design firms underscore the increasingly important trend.
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8 Things Apple Pay Left Out

Apple's long-anticipated move into mobile payments seemed to cover all the bases -- Apple Pay will launch with the support of major banks, card networks and retailers. But there were several things that didn't make it into the first version of its mobile wallet.

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