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Hackers did not steal banking or payments data from Experian, but they might as well have. Breaches like the one sustained at the company call into question the entire system of identification that banks rely on to open accounts and conduct other everyday business.


Banks have embraced it, but their customers barely use Apple's mobile payment solution.

When compared to other recent breaches, the theft of 6,400 user email addresses and passwords on the American Bankers Association's website might seem like small potatoes. But experts said the attack — the first in the association's history — was still significant and could have implications for banks.

BB&T has rolled out a digital banking platform that lets customers customize which features appear once they log in. It saves the bank having to decide what to show and what to hide on devices with different screen sizes.

The deadline for EMV migration in this country is this Thursday. Here's what will and won't happen on that day, and what challenges lie ahead for banks and their customers.
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Bankers need to show they are in control of relationships with outside vendors, must be ready to respond to M&A-related protests and should be as concerned about economic growth as interest rates, according to the St. Louis Fed's supervisory chief.

Bankers, investors and analysts stop short of declaring a bubble. But the fintech startup and investor fields are getting crowded, and there's bound to be a culling of the herd.
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An open-source analytical engine called Spark is becoming popular in banking circles to get real-time insights on consumer transactions and the customers themselves.
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A Nevada firm is trying to make debt collections easier, friendlier and more interesting on a smartphone app designed for the underbanked. The new app, called PaySwag, is being marketed to banks and other companies to foster a more proactive approach to collections.

DD4BC, a group that threatens to knock out corporate websites unless it is paid off in bitcoins, has expanded its denial-of-service attacks on banks.
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The marketplace lender is paying $30 million in cash plus an undisclosed amount of stock. It plans to use BillGuard’s apps, which come with detailed information about their users’ financial habits, to attract new borrowers.
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Apple Pay has been out for a year, so many of its partners have had time to reflect on the various issues it has faced since launch. Bank and credit union executives shared their experiences at SourceMedia's 2015 PayThink event at the end of September.  read more »
8 Things Apple Pay Left Out

Apple's long-anticipated move into mobile payments seemed to cover all the bases -- Apple Pay will launch with the support of major banks, card networks and retailers. But there were several things that didn't make it into the first version of its mobile wallet.

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