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The large custody bank was one of the first U.S. banking firms to embrace robotic process automation. Here's why a 232-year-old institution took a pioneering stance on a new technology.


With flooding in a big portion of its market, Iberiabank executives detail how technology is helping it stay open for business in a way that could not have happened a decade ago.

Artificial intelligence has gotten good enough to do some of the more mundane tasks people perform at banks every day. Whether the trend will kill certain job categories entirely or make a lot of dull work more interesting, or both, is an open debate.
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Analytics tools for customer experience are an increasing priority for banks, but technology alone won't change anything. Banks also need to create an internal culture of data science.
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The Federal Reserve Board launched a Facebook page last week — and it went about as well as you would think. Social media experts faulted its approach as high-handed and tone-deaf, raising questions about what the central bank was trying to accomplish and about its commitment to social media.

The regional bank has consolidated all of its digital operations under a single leader. Find out what he thinks about customer expectations, bots, fintechs and the coming convergence of digital banking.

People hold up blockchain as the answer to many security issues, including Swift-related hacks and card-not-present fraud. But distributed ledgers have vulnerabilities, too.

Banks have found a novel way to fend off fintech’s plans to take them down: they are funding it. A new report shows corporate venture capital investors, such as those backed by banks, made up nearly a third of funding in the second quarter.

Banks sharing cyberthreat data is not new. But more information-sharing groups are forming, and technology is improving, to advance the effort.

Citigroup lost a big technology executive last week and hired another from JPMorgan Chase. Then word surfaced that JPMorgan had decided to replace that exec anyway and a successor was ready to go. It all shows scoring top digital talent has become vital to the largest banks as mobile becomes their future.

To discourage scalping, the New York Comic Con asked online ticket buyers for personal information up front. The backlash shows the challenges of protecting identity in the digital age — an issue banks and fintech firms are exploring.
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8 Things Apple Pay Left Out

Apple's long-anticipated move into mobile payments seemed to cover all the bases -- Apple Pay will launch with the support of major banks, card networks and retailers. But there were several things that didn't make it into the first version of its mobile wallet.

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