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North Carolina's second-biggest community bank agreed to sell itself at a rich premium, signaling that the state has become an attractive market for acquirers. Adding an out-of-state bank could also create opportunities for *locals* to poach business.

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H. Rodgin Cohen has just about seen it all over his decades of work advising bankers. The well-known lawyer looks at existing issues for banks while reflecting on past mergers that paid off for their participants.

Panic around energy lending has subsided somewhat as oil prices have climbed and banks have reduced their overall exposure. But expect more trouble ahead if prices level off.

The investment banking firm's GS Bank unit has added a large number of consumer deposits since spring, but its success hasn't been cheap.

The three custody banks had been projected to post weak second-quarter results because of a lull in foreign exchange trading. Then Brexit happened, and everything changed.

JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and other big financial institutions are offering paid internships to members of the sandwich generation who left banking to care for children and elderly parents. Here's why the banks are interested.

Mortgage originations typically surge in a low-rate environment. Second-quarter reports should show an uptick in fees from selling those loans, but what will bankers say about the rest of this year?

JPMorgan posted strong gains in consumer deposits and mobile users, and other big banks are expected to do the same. It could be a sign that megabanks are indeed stealing market share from regional and community banks.
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Loans tied to franchises were often an area of concern for banks before the financial crisis. Industry growth, improved credit metrics and a need to diversify commercial loan portfolios are prompting several banks to take a second look at the business.

Banks with a special focus, such as social equality or environmental sustainability, have to overcome additional hurdles while looking for an acquisition.

Despite recent controversy over Tesla crashes, the march toward autonomous driving technology continues. And that means big changes for auto lenders.

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