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Standard Treasury, the startup that Silicon Valley Bank absorbed this month, is helping create software gateways for the institution's high-tech business clients to customize the way they interact with it.

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Talmer Bancorp has enough capital for M&A, though the large repurchase of stock from W.L. Ross might rule out a big acquisition for now.

Suncrest Bank is hoping that its team of experienced executives, combined with organic growth and acquisitions, will help more than double its assets in the next few years.

Traditional gadflies are again pressing banks to find buyers. They could soon be joined by less vocal investors who still know how to put pressure on executives and directors.

First Financial Northwest is moving past its thrift roots three years after a proxy battle ousted its chief executive. Other banks in the same position are still trying to get back on track.

The Wisconsin company hasn't bought a bank since 2007. The potential for unforeseen regulatory snags and scrutiny from community groups have the company's conservative management team biding their time.

When the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast nearly a decade ago, it brought with it unimaginable destruction. Still, it also allowed the area's banks a chance to work together, connect with clients and work toward a stronger future.

The North Carolina regional bank is placing a big bet that targeting Pennsylvania's high earners will offset the state's reputation for having slower-than-average growth.

While in talks to buy National Penn Bancshares, BB&T circulated an email to help key executives understand Pennsylvania’s prominent cultural and religious groups.

Depositors at mutuals in Ohio and Massachusetts have approved measures making it more difficult for their institutions to convert to stock ownership. Still, many industry observers believe the mutual industry is poised for more consolidation.

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