Barbara Byrne

Vice Chairman of Investment Banking

Barbara Byrne is a vice chairman within the investment bank at Barclays. Based in New York, and with over 35 years of financial services experience, Barbara has been at the forefront of developing and leading longstanding partnerships with some of Barclays’ most important multinational, corporate clients. Responsible for leading cross business teams in delivering the firm’s products and services to those clients, Barbara is the primary architect of several of the firm’s marquee transactions. She has held senior management positions in energy and technology banking groups throughout her career, and has led diverse strategic advisory initiatives across the firm focused on enhancing clients’ global market position.

Additionally, Barbara is chairman of both Barclays’ Americans Citizenship Council, overseeing strategic programs to foster global economic growth and opportunity, and Barclays’ Social Innovation Facility, a cross-business and cross-border resource dedicated to the development of self-sustaining commercial solutions to social challenges. Barbara also serves as an Executive Sponsor for Citizenship and Strategic Events, helping to promote strong engagement in all client interactions.