Chiro Aikat

Chiro Aikat is Senior Business Leader, U.S. Product Delivery (USPD) for MasterCard Worldwide.� Mr. Aikat has led the creation of the Debit Delivery vertical within U.S Product Delivery that was responsible for the successful execution of many Debit flips and Brand conversions that directly contributed to US Markets increased Debit share. Currently, Mr. Aikat is leading the creation and management of the Go to Market Team within USPD that is responsible for the creation and execution of US market level strategies like EMV, Durbin and Merchant Settlement. Prior to moving into U.S. Markets, Mr. Aikat held various positions within Customer Implementation Services (MasterCard Technologies). Responsibilities range from leading and supporting the Asia Pacific region with customer implementations and setting overall MA customer implementation strategy and processes for new emerging products like PayPass.�Mr. Aikat has over 13 years of experience in the payments industry and with MasterCard Worldwide. Mr. Aikat holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Saint Louis University.