Robert Mazur


Robert Mazur is the New York Times best-selling author of "The Infiltrator," a memoir about his undercover life, much of which was spent acting as a conduit between ruthless drug barons and corrupt legitimate appearing senior executives that cleaned billions in blood- stained money through otherwise respectable international banks and businesses. For years, in the eyes of organized crime leaders he was a highly successful, mob-connected money launderer who helped manage their illicit fortunes. His clients, some of the most famous and deadly drug cartel bosses, issued a $500,000 contract on his life when arrests were made around the world and he was revealed to be a highly trained U.S. federal undercover agent. After completing a highly decorated 27-year career as a federal agent in three U.S. agencies, Mazur is now the president of KYC Solutions Inc., a firm that provides speaking, expert witness and consulting services to companies worldwide. More information about Mazur, his book and the film based on his life can be found at The views expressed are his own.