2004 Quote Unquote

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It makes me angry that that people in charge would betray the very institution they represent. If you don't like it, why don't you go to a mutual savings bank.

-Member of Lake Michigan CU to board of CU after it tried to convert to a bank.

You're not as intelligent as you think you are, you are not as invincible as you think you are, and you are not as invisible as you think you are.

-Michael Flahety, talking about IT security.

I knew our board was aging when I realized all our high school yearbook photos were in black and white.

-anonymous CU board member

Many banks want credit unions returned to their "original purpose." There were no limits on community charters or business lending in the original 1934 FCU Act. I would suggest you take them up on it.

-JoAnn Johnson

Credit unions should be pushing credit cards like there is no tomorrow. Credit unions are getting out of the credit card business and I don't know why.

-Rex Johnson

Credit unions are not charities. What we should be doing is energizing people to help themselves.

-Arthur Arnold

The credit union industry is controlled by well-paid insiders of a few trade groups, which themselves are controlled by a relatively small minority of very large, dues-paying credit unions.

-Former NCUA Chairman Norman D'Amours in remarks before a bankers group.

The problem with tax reform is that it is very hard not to have any losers.

-Gene Sperling

Keeping promises does not make one a leader. Leaders have an internal craving to be at the helm. They have a driving need to learn more. -Marcus Buckingham

The fact we are still not being taxed is a positive, but it also can create this false sense of security, and I think it has for many of us.

-Rudy Hanley

If you can't say it or write it down on paper, you can't get people to follow it.

-Lori Silverman

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