A Step-By-Step Process

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Below is a step by step action plan to implement the mapping the member process at the credit union. This plan will be utilized to engage the credit union in this process. Though not shown here, a start and stop date for each item must be identified, as must a senior officer responsible for each. The timeline is short, however, and the timeline for the completion of the project is ongoing as the work under this solution is never finished. Constant review of processes is the goal of this solution. This is a year-long process that involves many steps and information flow to the group responsible for completing these actions.

* Introduce idea to the Senior management team for approval to utilize necessary resources

* Solicit team member ideas from the Senior management team

* Identify a lead team from the pool of all possible team members

* Develop materials to explain the process to the lead team members

* Meet with lead team to review the process and explain possible outcomes and their roles in the process

* Develop materials for entire team for introductory meeting, include a simple, every day life event to map

* Meet with entire team to discuss the project, desired results and give first assignment on identifying top areas of concerns

* Collect and analyze the key ideas from the entire group to determine top five processes to review

* Report information back to entire team and schedule the next meeting

* Start the mapping process during the meeting to identify the process for the number one item from the group. The first step is to map the current process

* Send the current process to entire team and review for any changes or suggestions to reflect accurately the current process

* Conduct a follow-up meeting to review and finalize the process details and then start the process of developing the ideal scenario for the process being mapped

* Finalize the ideal process scenario during a scheduled meeting and then provide the scenario to the entire group with the assignment of merging the current with the ideal

* Discuss the ideas of moving from the current process to the ideal process. Identify any minor or major steps or actions that can be taken to move from current to ideal

* Develop an action plan for each of the identified process improvements and assign to individual team members to move towards goal of determining feasibility. Issue is if it can be accomplished at this time or is long range to be place on project list

* Each subgroup works on identifying possible solutions and resources needed to reach the process improvement goal. * A developed action plan or implementation would be the desired result or inclusion on another group's project plan

* Report to the entire group on the first round of process improvement ideas and feasibility or implementation timelines for stated improvements

* Overview of the processes changed and an updated map of the new proposed process that shows the improvements over the first identified process

* Comparison of the new process map to the ideal process map originally created. Determine if any additional changes can be made

* Sharing of current changes accomplished and organizational impact of the changes to the entire group

* Start the process over with the next top priority process by following the same steps of mapping current, ideal and then implementing what is feasible to move from current to ideal to develop a new scenario that is moving towards the ideal scenario

* Move to the third highest priority process for improvement and develop the process map

* Move to the fourth highest priority item for process improvement and develop the process map

* Develop the process map for the fifth highest priority item for process improvement

* Review the top five processes mapped and perform a gap analysis on the current versus ideal. This will capture any changes made from outside the group that have taken more time to develop

* Make changes to the existing team by adding and deleting members to provide a new perspective on the process

* Start the entire process again by focusing on the new top five priority processes as determined by the group, map current and ideal process to find areas for improvements

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