A 'Touchpoint' Wherever The Member Lands

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Many credit unions would love to have Delta Community CU's 160,000 members and $2.4-billion in assets. But not many would enjoy servicing a membership as geographically diverse as the airports its airline-sponsor serves. Many, in fact, were convinced the CU was too far away to be of any help.

How Delta Community overcame the challenge of perception of inconvenience versus the reality of having almost 60,000 "touch-points" was the subject of a Best Practice presentation during an event hosted by The Credit Union Journal here.

The fact is DCCU members have access to a network of 57,000 surcharge-free ATMs (many of which also accept deposits) through the Allpoint Network and the CO-OP Network. Moreover, in addition to its own nine branches, it also belongs to CU Service Centers, which offers more than 2,000 locations.

"When people tell us we're not convenient, it's perception. But it's our job to tell them and keep telling them," said SVP-eCommerce Carol Sundberg.

Through an alliance with New Jersey-based LocatorSearch, Delta Community has introduced an online search tool that demonstrates for the member where he or she can do business with the credit union. With only one click, members can search for either ATMs, Delta Community branches or CU Service shared branches located within five and 50 miles of their location.

Sundberg said the LocatorSearch option improved member perception of access to Delta Community, strengthened its online channel and increased member usage of the existing and new ATM networks.

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