Abortion Issue Again Thwarting Bankruptcy

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The chances of bankruptcy reform were dim enough as it is, but last week's passage of a bill banning so-called partial birth abortions makes those chances dimmer still. That's because backers of the provision in the bankruptcy bill barring abortion clinic protesters from shielding their assets under bankruptcy laws are expected to dig in their heels even more on the issue.

Credit union lobbyists, who have been fighting for bankruptcy reform legislation for almost a decade now, said the possibility the credit union-backed bill will be voted this year is slight. However, they are hoping that congressional leaders will make one last stand this year, lest the legislation attached to the highly charged abortion issue, be dragged again into an election year. When this happened during last year's elections, abortion opponents killed the bill over the so-called Schumer amendment. If the bill comes up again next year there is a likelihood of that happening again.

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