'All Aboard' At Everyone'sFCU

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TUCUMCARI, N.M. - (09/20/05) -- In a search for a new headquartersdesign Everyone's FCU returned to its roots. For the $10 millioncredit union, chartered 51 years ago in the kitchen of a SouthernPacific Railroad worker, then operated out of a train depot, theidea of an old train depot was a natural. So it is that the creditunion's new headquarters offices, with its arched ceilings and anexterior train mural, was built to resemble an old railroadstation. Many members connected to the credit union, originallyknown as the Southern Pacific Railway Employees FCU, have beenbringing in railroad mementos, like a conductor's uniform andphotos or railroad workers to decorate the hallways. Inside is adisplay case for a model train.

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