Alliant Boosts Savings Dividend Rate To3%

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CHICAGO - (04/04/05) The $4.5-billion Alliant Credit Unionhas boosted its first quarter savings dividend rate to3.00%—with a compounded Annual Percentage Yield of3.03%—to members who maintained an average daily balance of$100 or more. In making the move, the credit union noted it topsthe 2.80% APY savings account interest rate provided by financialindustry leader, ING. “The Alliant savings dividend rate iscurrently the highest offered among the top 12 credit unions (byasset size), whose collective dividend average was 1.38% as ofMarch 9,” the credit union said. “The nearestcompetitor was American Airlines’ credit union, whosedividend rate is 2.53% APY.” CEO David Mooney attributedAlliant’s success directly to a loyal membership utilizationof its products and services. Other contributing factors includethe recent addition of business partnerships, including groups suchas National PTA, Illinois CPA Society, Ardent Health Services,Takeda Pharmaceuticals,, and Life TimeFitness.

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