Another Deere CU Ends Hunt For NewName

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MOLINE, Ill. - (12/23/05) -- Deere Harvester CU has agreed toshed the corporate moniker it has shared for 70 years, acceding toa request from Deere & Co. The $270 million credit union, to beknown starting Jan. 1 as DHCU, becoming the third of four creditunions tied to the well-known farm equipment manufacturer to changenames so as not to imply any direct corporate sponsorship.Waterloo, Iowa-based Deere Community CU has become Veridian CU;Deere Community FCU will become Community 1st FCU. The only one ofthe Deere credit unions allowed to retain the name is Deere &Co. CU, now Deere Employees CU, because it exclusively serves Deereemployees, retirees and past employees.

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