ATM Network Trades Fees ForReferrals

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - (01/23/06) -- Alliance One, an ATM network managedby Corporate One FCU, announced last week it is waiving its $250annual membership fee this year for its credit union members thatrefer other financial institutions to the network. The network willalso wave the member credit union's participation fee through 2010if the credit union refers three or more financial institutionsthat join Alliance this year. Alliance One is a selective-surchargeATM network for credit unions and other financial institutions. Aselective-surcharge ATM network allows card holders to use ATMs inthe network for free if they have an account with a financialinstitution in the network. Costs to join Alliance One usuallyinclude a one-time $300 implementation fee and the $250 annual fee.The incentive program was introduced to grow membership,particularly in the South. About 800 of the network's approximately1,000 member financial institutions are in the Great Lakes region..Alliance One has more than 3,600 ATMs in 37 states, Puerto Rico andthe District of Columbia.

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